Sammon Gravlax

or Snails Puff Pastry

and its garlic cream

or Nems of Hot Goat

and Confit Tomatoes



Perch Filet

and its Crust of Chorizo 

with accompaniment of the day


Grilled Duck Breast

Honey and thyme sauce



Cheese or Dessert

in our menu :

Tomato-mozarella salad and 

Avocado / Basil Ice Cream

or Tuna Rillettes


Dish of the Day

or Grilles Ham and Mogettes


Chocolate Cake

or Grimolle Poitevine

ou two balls of Ice Cream

- Dish of the day : 12,50€

- (Entrance + Dish)

- (or Dish + Dessert)

whithin the limit of stocks

- menu 16,50€ -

- menu 23,50€ -